1. If you’re boring, you can travel yourself interesting!
  2. No matter how bad your accent is, it’s always sexy in another country.
  3. Studies have shown that hangovers don’t last past 3pm abroad.
  4. I heard carbs don’t count abroad.
  5. everyday things become interesting – Oh look an American yellow taxi.. a dutch bicycle.. a London telephone box?!?!
  6. McDonald’s tastes better in other countries.
  7. You can re-invent yourself into anything you want. My brother had an entire resort thinking he was a professional footballer.. until he skied a penalty into orbit on a beach side penalty shoot out game.
  8. Look at your last holiday photo, look at yourself tomorrow in work – which you was happier?!
  9. You can become the most hated person in your group of friends by posting ‘Hotdogs or legs?’ or ‘How’s your Monday?’ photos to Instagram.
  10. You don’t know anybody so you can try things that you wouldn’t at home – Going out alone? Karaoke? Sandals with socks?
  11. It’s socially acceptable to drink gin with breakfast in the airport.
  12. Tan lines over stress lines.
  13. The average person lives for 4,000 weeks but only gets 240 weeks holiday – would you rather spend them at home or abroad?!
  14. Data is expensive abroad so you might actually get your head out of your phone and interact with people?
  15. Better to die poor with memories than rich without them..!

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