Do you like to float around in the sunshine overlooking amazing views? Asia is home to some of the best infinity pools in the world and here are the top 5..

1) Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Top spot goes to arguably the best swimming pool on earth. Standing 57 stories above the ground, this is the worlds largest and highest outdoor swimming pool. Floating around 200m above the ground, cocktail in hand, overlooking the ultra modern Singapore skyline really is one of those ‘is this real’ moments!

2) Rijasa Agung, Bali.

Nestled in the heart of the Balinese rain forest, swimming in the Rijasa Aguna pool is a truly unique experience. Swimming up to the edge you are met with an unobstructed view of the expansive jungle below featuring waterfalls, river rapids, steep cliffs, rolling hills, palm trees and a wide range of wild animals!

3) Pertiwi Bisma, Ubud.

If the Rijasa Agung allows you to see the entire jungle, the Pertiwi Bisma pool allows you to experience it! You are literally floating around in the wild; what makes this pool unique is you can smell all of the scents & hear all of the sounds of the wild jungle.. including some you wish you couldn’t! The feature image of this blog post is the second pool at the Pertiwi Bisma, also not one to be snuffed at..

4) Regalia Suites, Kuala Lumpur.

The Regalia Suites in Kuala Lumpur takes the number 5 spot for it’s panoramic views of downtown KL and the iconic Petronas Towers. Sticking around until sunset gives you a view like no other, as you see the KL skyline come to life at night. If you like your pools with a touch of risk, this is also for you, as the roof got struck by lightening as I was lounging by the poolside!!

5) Citadines, Seminyak.

The final spot goes to the Citadenes Hotel Pool in Seminyak, Bali. Watch the world pass you by and relax with more blue than you ever thought imaginable!



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