If there are 2 things that I love more than anything else it’s iconic buildings and being high up, so naturally the first thing I did when arriving in Toronto was head straight to the CN Tower to my best Drake impression! For £22 you can head up to the main viewing deck standing 350m above the ground! Once you take the 58 second mega elevator up there, you will find 360 degree panoramic views of the city, a glass floor (not all of it don’t worry!), 2 restaurants and an outside observation deck; for another £10 you can head up another 100m to the Skypod where on a clear day visibility is 100 miles allowing you to see New York state!! Now if you are really feeling daring you can do the ‘Edge Walk’ and as the name suggests walk around the perimeter of the tour 352m above the ground including dangling over the edge dressed as an astronaut and just a rope keeping you alive!! Easily the scariest thing I’ve done to date..

The Edge Walk at the CN Tower – Pants have fell out with my shoes


You cannot go to Toronto and not visit Niagara Falls, it’s as simple as that. You can get an organised bus trip for £50 or catch the train for £20 both take approximately 2 hours each way, I took the train because I like to explore and I am tight.. Once in Niagara as you approach the falls on the main road you start to think it’s raining, do not reach for your umbrella, it is actually the spray from the waterfall, you can feel it almost 1km away!! The falls are 51m high with 3160 tonnes of water flowing 35mph over the edge every second, its hypnotising. You can zip line over the falls and get on a boat right up to the falling water, and if you want to tick another country off then just walk over the bridge as the other side of the falls is New York State! A Must Must Must see.

Just Wow.


Located about an hour north of the city in a town called Innisfil is Sky Dive Toronto, the name I imagine needs no explanation! I’ve never sky dived before and really fancied it so was really excited (cough.. actually scared stiff) to do it. When you arrive at the airfield you watch a short safety video and before you know it you are wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit, safety harness & ridiculous hat and are being briefed on how to fall out of an aeroplane by your instructor! After a short climb in the microlight BOOM the door is opened and you are hanging out of the side of an aeroplane looking at the ground 12,000 feet below wondering what the hell you were thinking of?!! There really is no feeling like the 120mph 60 second free fall as you hurtle towards the earth, burst through the clouds (actually feeling them on your face) and then see the full panoramic view of Lake Simcoe underneath you and the Toronto skyline in the distance. You then pull your chute and gently glide towards the ground (after a few aerodynamic tricks).  What an experience. A Tandem skydive starts at £180 and is worth every penny, the staff are great and I couldn’t recommend Sky Dive Toronto enough! Click here to book.

‘I made a big mistake..’ – Sky Dive Toronto Inc.


Toronto might be a bustling city but it actually has some pretty awesome nature, views and.. beaches! Lake Ontario is like no lake I’ve ever seen, it’s so big it looks like you’re staring into the ocean. Just a 20 minute drive outside of the city is a place called Scarborough Bluffs which is sort of like a mini national park that has great viewpoints and a beach. I spent an afternoon here exploring, relaxing and sunbathing before a tropical storm hit which was strangely satisfying to watch!

Scarborough Bluffs.. Dreamy.


When I went to Toronto it was my first time flying Air Transat and the first time I’d upgraded.. Both definitely won’t be my last. I took Air Transat’s options plus package which gives you free seat selection, priority check in/boarding/baggage handling, on-board comfort kit and free drinks! I was sold at free drinks. I was checked in, through security and enjoying my breakfast within 20mins, I couldn’t actually believe it. You are also the first to board and I selected the extra leg room door seat both times.. Absolute game changer! During the flight you are constantly being brought food and drinks and the entertainment selection even kept me occupied, although watching ‘Manchester by the Sea’ wasn’t my best decision, I touched down an emotional wreck! Adamant it was the free wine… The cabin crew were super friendly too and half of my itinerary were from their tips when flying out. I can honestly say it was the best long haul flight I’ve been on so will definitely be flying with Air Transat again. You can get a return flight from the UK-Toronto from as little as £375pp (based on travel in September & October 2017), the options plus package is available from £82pp return, just click here to book your next trip with them!

Air Transat for the win

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