Mpuma-what? Try pronouncing it in a Northern English accent.. Whilst hard to pronounce, the North Eastern region of South Africa is very easy on the eyes and here are 5 reasons why you should be heading there on your next trip..

1) The Views

Some of the viewpoints in Mpumalanga are ‘pinch-yourself’ incredible, and also surprisingly accessible. If you follow ‘The Panorama Route’ by car you are able to take in the Pinnacle, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, the Three Rondavel’s (see above feature image) and God’s Window in one day. Head there prepared to feel very insignificant..

Never felt so Rafiki – Bourke’s Luck Potholes
2) The Waterfalls

There’s something very therapeutic about watching a shed load water fall off a big cliff whilst being sprayed in the face with its mist. In Mpumalanga you can do this 3 times in one afternoon by visiting Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls and Mac Mac Falls; each has its own distinct personality.

Mac Mac Falls, Graskop
3) The Wildlife

When in South Africa you have to do a safari. Mpumalanga is home to Kruger National Park and some of the best Game Reserves & Safari Experiences in the world; seeing ‘The Big Five’ (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo – I didn’t know this either) in their natural habitat is something that will terrify, excite and humble you all at the same time. Seeing them outside of your patio is another story all together.. the cheek!

Noisy neighbours at Mala Mala Game Reserve
4) The Stars

With the closest big city Johannesburg over 350km away there is little to no light pollution in Mpumalanga which creates the perfect conditions for star gazing; there are literally more stars than night sky, and you can actually see the Milky Way as it rotates, majestically, millions of light years overhead. The fact that we could hear lions roaring less than 100 feet away whilst taking this photo makes me appreciate it even more..!

The Milky way lighting up the African Bush
5) The Adventure Sports

You may not immediately associate South Africa with adventure sports, unless you’re thinking about getting chased by a wild rhino whilst on safari, but Mpumalanga is adrenaline junkie heaven. It is home to 100km/h zip lining, white water rafting and tubing, there’s even a 130m high swing above a fast flowing waterfall. I chose the safest option of quad biking through the jungle.. and ran into a wild crocodile!!

ATV-ing through the African Jungle in Hazyview

So there it is, 5 reasons why Mpumalanga is South Africa’s best kept secret! Who’s looking at flights already? And who’s still only up to ‘Mpuma…’ If you want to find out more then just visit The South Africa Tourism website. 


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