Last weekend was such a good laugh.. so good in fact that it’s taken me over a week to write this blog! I went on a Bonkers Bingo Mini-cruise to Amsterdam and it certainly lived up to its name..! Having never been on a ferry and having not played bingo in over 20 years, I was interested to see what the linkup between Mecca Bingo and P&O Ferries would be like.


The P&O Ferry sets sail from Hull at 8pm Friday night arriving in Rotterdam at 8am Saturday morning. You then explore Rotterdam/Amsterdam before returning at 8pm Saturday night arriving back in Hull at 8am Sunday morning. On both nights there is Bonkers Bingo to be played on board! I won’t lie, when setting off I was also only 40% confident of making the return Ferry back…

The Ferry – Pride of Rotterdam (P&O Ferries)

The ferry itself is an absolute beast, I actually didn’t think it was ours when I saw it, it looked more like a cruise ship. It has 2 bars, a casino, 2 cinema screens, a Starbucks, games arcade, 2 restaurants, duty free shop and outdoor terrace.

We had evening meals and breakfast included in our booking and so I took great delight in packing away a weeks’ worth of calories in the buffet style restaurant – I had roast dinner, curry (see below) and this really addictive ice cream (x4 servings and no regrets).

The rooms were really comfy too with twin beds, bathroom and dressing area. I’ve been known to be queasy on boats in the past (See Bali blog) but I slept like a baby – maybe that was down to the food coma or drinking the two bars dry?  Who really knows..?

Sunset view from the cabin window
The Pride of Rotterdam
This was the one

Bonkers Bingo (Mecca Bingo)

The last time I played bingo was with my Nan in 1997. Thank god I didn’t bring her on this cruise! Think inflatable unicorns, expletives, dance offs, flying balls & lap dances – definitely not Margaret’s scene.

You play a line, 2 lines & full house.. and that’s pretty much where the similarity to regular bingo ends. There’s big tunes, cheesy tunes, dancing, funny prizes and just general carnage. There was a conga line, limbo, striptease, plenty drinks and I’m pretty sure that someone got escorted out – those are just the bits that I remember. The bit that I want to forget involved me, a dancefloor and a fly away space hopper – luckily no charges were pressed. It was such a good laugh and there was cash to be won.

But the most ironic thing had to be the fact that the 2 wildest people in the room were in fact a couple in their 50s..! When the bingo ends a band comes on and plays until the early hours, after that there was an impromptu acoustic guitar gig by some passengers taking requests on the upper deck bar (I don’t think they’ll be on every cruise!).  After 3 hours sleep we then had to take on Amsterdam…

The calm before the storm
Bonkers Bingo!
Limbo for the win
It honestly came with those doodles


This place needs no introduction and with 10 hours to complete it this was going to be a smash and grab! The good thing about Amsterdam is that you don’t have to walk far to see and experience all of those lovely things that you see and hear about it on social media. Here is my hit list for you:

  1. View the city and swing over the edge at the Amsterdam lookout & sensational swing
  2. Get that classic IG photo looking over one of the many canals
  3. Take a stroll down the iconic red light district
  4. Hire a bike and cycle around the city
  5. Have a local beer or 10 – Heineken & Amstel
  6. Take a canal cruise
  7. Go to one of the museums – Amsterdam has a museum for everything
  8. Get your photo in front of/on top of/inside of the Amsterdam Sign
  9. Eat some Dutch waffles
  10. Visit Anne Frank House

We spent the day mooching around the city partaking in lots of number 5 on the list; and despite me managing to lose our boarding passes we made it back onto the ferry in time for dinner and another round of Bonkers Bingo – What a weekend..!

Canals for days
Amsterdam in one

Like what you see? If you’re interested in taking a mini cruise to Amsterdam you can find all of the details through P&O ferries here. If you’d like to play Bonkers Bingo check out the schedule at your local Mecca Bingo club here.


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