2017 is a great time to be alive for UK travelers due to when the bank holidays fall; I’m going to show you a travel hack that will allow you to double your holiday allowance (yes you just read that right!). Just follow the easy instructions below to enjoy 2 long haul and 2 short haul holidays this year.

May and August mini-breaks
There are 2 bank holidays to use for your short haul breaks 29th May and 28th August.
On both occasions simply book the Friday and the Tuesday off to enjoy 5 days in the holiday for just 2 days allowance. That’s the 26th & 30th May, 25th & 29th August. See charts below.Easter long haul
Easter and Mayday bank holiday are so close together this year that you can enjoy 18 days off for the price of 9 days holiday! Simply book off 18th-21st May & 24th-28th May. See the chart below.Christmas/New Year long haul
Christmas and New Year is your long haul bread and butter each year. Simply book off 27-29th Dec & 2nd-5th Jan to enjoy 16 days off for the price of 7 days holidays! See the chart below.There you have it 40 days holiday for the price of 20! Where in the world will you end up? Thank me later.. In fact thank me now, share this post on your social media pages 🙂



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