Las Vegas is undoubtedly the party capital of the world so unsurprisingly it is home to some of the best pools on the planet. The problem is that all of the pools are located within the huge, lavish hotel complexes and as such are only available for use by hotel guests; but if you aren’t about to let that stop you joining in the fun then keep reading..

To access the pools is pretty simple, you have to show your hotel key card, so how do you get access to the best pools in Las Vegas? Get your hands on a key card!

Naturally there are a million and one different ways to do this, the simplest is to get friendly with somebody staying at the hotel who is allowed to bring guests into the pool area. And although I don’t condone or endorse any of the following, you could, in theory, borrow one from a hotel guest who has just checked out? Or acquire one from the hotel front desk by possibly saying you would like a key card as a souvenir?
If all else fails or you’re too hungover to be attempting any of the above then you could always go with my recommended option of paying the cover charge to enter the pool area which is usually $20.

My favourite is Caesar’s Palace.. see you there!!

The Wynn, Las Vegas


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