The older we get, the busier we are, and the number of friends we have that want to/can afford to/are free to go on holiday with us gets smaller and smaller! If you find yourself in this situation you have two options 1. Never go on holiday again or 2. Travel Alone.
Option 2 can seem very scary to a lot of people and often the biggest fear is ‘What if I don’t meet anybody?!’. I promise you, you will. And here are a few ways to do it..

Stay in a shared dorm in a hostel
Trust me when you’re living in a room with 6+ people no matter how miserable/introverted you are you can’t help but get talking to them! More often than not it results in exploring/drinking/travelling together. Hostels are full of solo travellers in the same position as you too, it’s the norm. And they aren’t all like the horror film..! If you’re a first timer then I highly recommend St Christopher’s Inn Hostels

Go to a hostel bar
If staying in a hostel really isn’t appealing to you then the next best thing is to go to the hostel bar for a drink, I guarantee you will meet people. Most hostels also do bar crawls and joint activities that are a really good way to meet other people travelling alone.

Book yourself onto activities & excursions
What’s the must do thing in the place that you’re visiting? I guarantee there is a group tour for it. Book yourself on and get talking to some people.

Use social media & travel apps
Going to Cape Town? Punch it in Instagram and see whose around and what they’re doing, if something looks fun then drop that person a message to ask about it? There are lots of dedicated website and apps nowadays to help you meet people too check out one of the following: Travello Backpackr

Book an organised trip
The fail safe way to meet people while travelling is to do an organised trip through companies such as Contiki. This takes away all of the stress as the majority of people on these trips are travelling alone and also want to meet you! The trips are set up in such a way for you to get to know each other. My friend has been on lots of these and is still in contact and meets up with lots of the people he has met on them. Winner winner!

And finally… Say hello to people!!!!!
Now this is the most important but simplest thing of all – you can use all of the apps, stay in hostels and book as many trips as you want but if you don’t make the effort to say hello to people then ultimately chances are you won’t meet many people. It might seem scary, but it’s really easy.. Try it!


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