If you weren’t born into royalty, a celebrity family or lottery winning type luck, then chances are you have to go to work for a living. If that is the case then below are some simple tips to help you travel further, for longer! Your objective here is really simple; get as many consecutive days off as possible and be as slick as you can with your flight schedule.

1) Use public holidays for mini breaks
Book Friday & Tuesday off to enjoy 5 days for just 2 days holiday allowance. Perfect for quick breaks to places under 4 hours fly time

2) Use Christmas and New year for long haul
Each year (depending on where Christmas falls) you can usually get 16 days holiday from just 7 days allowance; that’s over double! This allows you to spend Christmas with your loved ones, then leave them eating stale turkey in the cold as you jet off to somewhere tropical

3) Always book at least 2 weeks off for long haul
When flying over 10 hours, including airport time you lose 2 full days per trip. It’s just not worth doing under 2 weeks. Mitigate this by booking off at least 2 weeks and visiting multiple locations. E.g. on two 7 day trips to say, New York and Vegas, you would lose 4 days travelling, meaning 10 days holiday time for 10 days holiday allowance. Whereas a 14 day trip spending a week in New York & a week in Vegas, you would lose just 2 days, meaning 12 days holiday time for 10 days holiday allowance

4) Use ALL of your time off
Fly out as soon as you finish and fly back as late as you can, you won’t regret it! Are you going to remember that extra day you had to explore that amazing beach in Indonesia or the Sunday that you spent unpacking and ironing your work shirts?!

5) Plan your route to add more passport stamps
Flying to Thailand? Stop over in Dubai. In Singapore for a few days? Hop over to Kuala Lumpur on a 1 hour flight. Few days in Hong Kong? Add Macau and Shenzen (China) to your passport stamps for pennies.

6) When flying between destinations ALWAYS fly early morning
If you are doing multiple locations always do early morning flights between them, don’t waste a full day flying at 1pm arriving at 4pm for the sake of a lie in and £20! Will you remember that extra 6 hours sleep or discovering a new place for the first time?

7) Fly direct
Please do not fall foul to this one; when you are on a tight holiday schedule just pay the extra £50 for the direct flight. The 6 hours each way that you save means an extra day of doing cool things. Let me put this one another way, I was once sat in Abu Dhabi airport for 6 hours awaiting my connecting flight, the direct flight was only £80 more, I spent £40 on food & drinks meaning that I only saved £40; All I could think was ‘I would happily pay £200 to be on a plane home right now’

 8) Utilise company policy
Work from home, take lieu days, floating days, carry holiday allowance over, beg, borrow steal, babysit someone’s children for a shift swap, hire a body double….

There it is, you are now well equipped to travel as much of the world as possible! Using these techniques in the last 12 months I’ve manage to travel to: Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, LA (twice), Vegas (3 times) San Francisco, South Africa.. You get the picture 🙂 but now it’s your turn!


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