I recently visited Paris for a long weekend, I took in all of the sights, wandered the Parisian streets and ate way too many carbs.. it really is a great city!

I haven’t done many long weekend type city breaks in the past, I’ve tended to focus on long haul trips. For some reason I had this idea in my head that once all of the costs had been totted up and the travelling time factored in, that you didn’t get much bang for your buck; my trip to Paris proved this theory wrong on both counts and I will definitely be adding a couple more city breaks to my travel calendar for the year!

I flew direct from Manchester to Paris Charles De Gaulle with Air France and I would highly recommend them to anyone after my experience, here are 3 reasons why:

1) Convenience

My idea that travelling time eats into your ‘long weekend’ was disproved right away.. I was checked in, flown, fed, watered and in Paris in under 2 hours! The flight itself lasts just 1 hour and 15 minutes, which I couldn’t believe, in comparison it would take me longer (2 hours) to get to London by train. What also made things quicker and easier was the Air France check in system, it was fully self service. You just scan your passport and out comes your boarding pass, you then place your bag on the carousel and off you go, no queuing whatsoever. It’s the quickest I’ve ever reached the departure lounge.

2) In-flight service

My flight was on a modern clean aircraft and the staff were super friendly (which to be fair you expect of any decent sized carrier), but what made this flight stand out was the ample leg room and the fact that you get a free snack and drink (including alcohol), I’ve never seen this service on short haul flights before.. I went for macaroons and wine!

3) Affordability

Last but certainly not least when you are trying to make sure that your city break is cost effective! Again flying with Air France disproved my theory, you can fly return with them from £67 pp. Let’s compare that to the cost of a train ticket from Manchester to London which is £84 off peak and £384 for an anytime ticket!

This trip and my experience with Air France opened my mind up to adding lots more countries to my list in the form of long weekends away, in fact, my next one is this week! Keep your eyes out for my next post to see how I get on.

Free in-flight snack and drink (obviously wine)
Escaping the grey skies!




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