Sometimes you just need a week away in the sun, so recently I booked an On The Beach holiday to Hurghada staying in the Jasmine Palace Hotel and here’s the quick guide to spending 7 nights here..

The Destination

Hurghada is a lesser known resort on the Egyptian Red Sea coast, the weather is scorchio there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for the time I was there and it was a constant 34c. If there’s one thing I like to be predictable it’s the weather! The hotels tend to be self-contained mini-resorts and all-inclusive is the holiday of choice for most, but there’s also a promenade and an amazing marina that are both home to a plethora of really great restaurants and bars, great for people like me that like to explore.

7 Things to do in 7 Days

  1. Go on a Desert Safari

They say save the best until last but this was easily one of the best excursions I’ve ever been on so I’m going to open with it. You start the day on the edge of the desert in a mini castle where you are kitted out with a head scarf and goggles (very instagrammable stuff) before whizzing around in the Dune Buggy’s and Quad Bikes. You then head out into the real desert to a remote Bedouin settlement where you get to have a camel ride and shisha before walking up to a view point to watch the sunset over the Saharan Mountains. Sunset over the Sahara… just wow! A Must do.

  1. Go Snorkelling

Egypt is known as one of the best snorkeling locations in the world and it didn’t disappoint..! There are lots of boat excursions that allow you to snorkel in a few locations, but for me it was as simple as buying a mask and jumping in right on the beach, I couldn’t believe it just 30 meters out and it’s like you’re on set of finding Nemo! Huge Barracudas, multi-coloured schools of fish, all was good until my leg touched a seaweed and that was game over for me..

  1. Take a boat trip to the Giftun Islands

If there’s one thing I love (but didn’t expect to see in Egypt) it’s a remote desert island. Hop on one of the excursions to the Giftun Islands, they are tiny sand banks in the middle of the sea, I literally can’t believe how blue the sea was here, no photo’s will ever do it justice. You can sunbathe and snorkel and just generally take in the beauty.

  1. Head to the Marina

Just a taxi ride away Hurghada Marina is home to boats, bars, restaurants and even a 9D Cinema – work that one out? This is the place to be of an evening to grab some food and have a drink. To eat I recommend ‘Chill & Grill’ (2 of my all-time favourite things) and to drink I recommend ‘The Lodge’ which is this super cool log cabin style bar, a surreal experience in 35c heat!

  1. Go to see Ancient Egypt at Giza or Luxor

From Hurghada you can get a coach or flight to the iconic Pyramids of Giza.. they are the only remaining wonder of the ancient world!! You can also visit the ancient city of Luxor which is home to Tutankhamen’s tomb which was only discovered in 1922 and is said to be cursed..! Instagram level: 100.

  1. Swim with Dolphins & Turtles

Probably one of the most popular excursions.. is there anything else I need to say?! Take a boat out to an area of the Red Sea that is home to schools of dolphins and migrating turtles, weather depending you can jump in with them!

  1. Make the most of your Resort Hotel

Last on the list but certainly not least is to make the most of your hotel resort, that’s what a beach holiday is all about right?! I actually spent far more time in the Jasmine Palace Hotel than I had planned because there was so much to do. 6 pools, a private beach, water slides, a spa and beauty centre, activities (aqua aerobics, darts, boules, water polo, yoga, dancing), snorkeling, 5 restaurants, 6 bars, games centre and spacious rooms.. did I mention all-inclusive drinks?! You could easily stay here for 7 days and not get bored, bravo!

Top Tips

  • Tipping is a big thing in Egypt, keep some small notes to avoid any awkward situations
  • Only drink water that has come from a sealed bottle – safety first!
  • Always arrange taxis through your hotel and agree the fares up front
  • If there are a few of you then you can get to the pyramids by private taxi for the same cost as the coach
  • The signal is pretty bad so buy a local sim card with data & dongle (£10-15) for internet access anywhere
  • Make sure you have a pen and some money for the visa upon landing, this can save you a lot of time!

Fancy it?

If you fancy a week in Hurghada being your next holiday then book here through On The Beach where you can pick up a week all-inclusive at the Jasmine Palace Hotel for just £573 (Based on 2 sharing departing June 1st 2019).


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