Who got the blind date reference? You could be doing anything else in the world right now but you’re reading my first ever blog, welcome and thank you! I’ve had a lot of questions over the last 6 months that I haven’t been able to answer so I thought I’d tackle some of the common ones with a few others thrown in for good measure..

 Who are you?!

I get asked this all the time, I’m Ian Thornley?! Ok I’m twenty something, live in Manchester in the UK and I like to spend my spare time travelling to different places & taking photos of interesting stuff. I also have other normal things like a family, a job, ironing to do and bills to pay!

How do you travel so much?

I save up, plan well and squeeze as many places, experiences and activities into one trip as is enjoyably possible! ‘Enjoyably’ is an important word in that sentence.

What is this blog about?

It’s quite simple really, a lot of people want to travel the world, and actually a lot of those people don’t want to sell their possessions, spend their life savings or leave their families in order to do it. I want to do 2 things with this blog:

  • Share experiences from the different places that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting
  • Show people how to live a life well-travelled.. without quitting your day job if you don’t want to!

What does ‘Forge Your Own Path’ mean?

Forge your own path was a bit of advice given to me years ago that has always stuck; it means don’t worry about fitting in, do things your own way, if you want something then make it happen..!

So why do you travel so much?

I was the type of child that as soon as I walked into your house I would be rooting through the drawers, if there was a big red button saying do not push, it was getting pushed and every toy I ever had got taken apart. I’m curious. Or a little **** depending how you want to look at it?! Travelling satisfies my curiosity – I love seeing new places, experiences new things, meeting new people and bombarding them with questions!

 What do you enjoy least about travelling?

Jet lag, flying (I’ve watched way too much air crash investigation), trying to communicate with a northern accent, post-holiday blues & fitness levels, my worst nightmare has to be the lethal combo of being tired and hungry at the same time!!

What’s your favourite travel moment?

Watching the sunset over Los Angeles from the Hollywood sign, it was palma violet and I remember every second of it!! That day I also had breakfast pancakes & coffee in downtown LA, walked the Hollywood walk of fame, went celeb house spotting on Mulholland drive, ate lunch on Rodeo Drive, strolled around Beverley hills and visited Marina Del Ray. It’s do-able.

What’s your funniest travel moment?

Pulling up to a buzzing Las Vegas Strip on a Friday night in a car with almost no front end after hitting a deer on the drive down (pic below).. Like a scene straight out of The Hangover movies!! Never did meet Mike Tyson though.

 What’s your scariest travel moment?

I was scuba diving off Bali with no prior scuba experience. I was taken down 10m and I felt tingly all over my body and panicked; when we got to the surface it turned out that the boat had lost us as we had drifted 100m away in choppy water that was home to sharks!!! The Top image is me floating waiting to be rescued! Second place goes to a lightening blot striking the rooftop pool 10 feet away from where I was laying in Kuala Lumpur! The loudest, brightest thing I’ve ever seen or heard.

 Top 3 places visited?

California – everything you could ever want in one place

Bali  – friendly paradise

Hong Kong – 315 skyscrapers and 10x as many things to do!

Worst place visited?

Berlin – probably an amazing city, but a true example of poor planning meant wandering the streets of a 900kmsq city in the freezing cold rain!! Jaeger took the edge off.

What are your likes/dislikes?

Likes – Keeping fit. Sunset/Sunrise. Telling outrageous lies to gullible people. People watching (..finding lookalikes in crowds). Dental hygiene. Coffee. Meat. Carbs!! Putting the world to rights with my nan. Space. Anything that involves the 90’s/00’s. Jacuzzi’s. Being underestimated. Dogs! Getting a bargain.

Dislikes – Cats. Matter of fact people. Bland skies. Having ideas when I’m about to sleep. Auto-correct. January. Sitting still. Anything insect like. Moaners. Lift conversations. Slow walking people!!! Spending my life on charge. Flakiness. How angry I am at the world after writing all of those.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Listening to 00’s and rap music, biting my nails, winning.

What are you doing right now?

Sat on my sofa writing this and thinking ‘I wonder if anyone will read it?!’ Trying hard not to fall asleep after committing carb suicide with Paella, roast potatoes and crème brulee. Thinking how random that meal sounds. Playing 3rd wheel with my flatmate and his girlfriend.

 What’s the plan in 2017?

Travel more & text back quicker

Tanning since nappies, dummies and peroxide blonde locks! I’m going to guess at Turkey 1992.

Deer’s can certainly do damage! No idea how we drove this all the way to Vegas ha!

That sunset over LA. This is one of my favourite photo’s.



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